Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Scrappy Subway Map Quilt

Every few months, I feel the need to do a scrap busting quilt. The last one I did was the Irish Chainish Quilt which turned out great, but since then my scrap pile has once again climbed to the top of the large scrap bin. So this time, I decided to make Elizabeth Hartman's Tokyo Subway Map quilt.

While the piecing of this quilt shouldn't be difficult at all, it does have 1600 pieces, so that's a lot of tiny squares to sew together, and a lot of seams to match. Even so, I expect I'll slowly churn the blocks out in between other projects, and it will be fun and relaxing. The end result should be quite beautiful.

The first thing to do is to pull stuff from my scraps to fit the 12 subway "lines" and cut lots and lots of tiny squares. I quickly discovered that I have a lot more of some colors than others! Green, in particular ... I actually had to pull from my stash for the greens, because I didn't have much in my scrap pile.

I just have to cut the white squares (and there are almost 1000 of those ... *gulp*) and then I'll be ready to assemble. This will be so much fun (I hope).

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