Friday, January 20, 2017


The wonderful thing about a quilt of monsters is that you just can't do it wrong. I decided to make a monster quilt for my little boy, before he gets too attached to his baby quilt (which is quite poorly made and won't last very long, I suspect). The pattern is from Craftsy's Cute Quilt-As-You-Go Applique Monsters taught by Wendi Gratz.

Possibly the hardest part of this quilt is picking the colors for the backgrounds. It was hard to pick boy colors ... but I did come up with a nice arrangement.

While making each monster was fun, it did drive me a little crazy, because my sewing room was a royal mess for the duration. I had fusible web, freezer paper, fabric & scraps all over the place. Four different pairs of scissors were needed to make a block. (Fabric scissors, paper scissors, pinking shears, and applique scissors.)

This is yet another take on quilt-as-you-go. It's different than the others because while all the blocks are quilted, for the most part only the top layer and the batting is attached together, the backing is only attached on the sashing strips. This approach has no finishing strips, which is good (I hated those!) but it makes for a rather baggy backing. That's fine for a kid's quilt, but I wouldn't do this technique on any other type of quilt. I freehanded all the monsters because I was too lazy to print out the course materials to trace them, but of course, I can't go wrong with monsters anyway.

Since details make a quilt like this, I added some 3D effects by having stringy hair, or flappy spikes. This is my first time doing all these techniques, and they were interesting to do.

I made a total of 25 monster blocks and did a 5 x 5 layout. I was running out of ideas toward the end, so I added a Mike Wazowski inspired monster, and a Pikachu inspired monster. It was only after I was done that I remembered Totoro! Oh well ... next time.

This was a really fun quilt to make. I gave it to my 1-year-old, and he immediately began tugging on all of the flappy bits, so I knew making them was a good idea. I hope my stitches can withstand his persistent fingers!

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