Wednesday, March 27, 2024


Stellar by Ruby Star Society is a fabric bundle I discovered completely by accident, and given my fascination with star-themed fabrics, I immediately got some. My only regret is I didn't get more of it. Alas, I think this quilt is a good home for it, as it allows the fabric to show off beautifully.

The pattern used is Octo by Brigitte Heitland (aka Zen Chic). It is a foundation paper-piecing pattern, so this quilt took a long time, but I really loved working on it because of the beautiful fabrics, and I do love paper-piecing too.

The more designs I use on a quilt, the more it becomes whimsical, and the fewer designs, the more it veers toward elegance, or I tend to find. For this quilt, I'm going for elegance, and I just used straight lines for the main pattern, with dense swirls at the borders.

As a rule, I don't quilt a lot over foreground fabrics, and I usually stick with straight lines or sparse geometric designs. I can't stand leaving them completely unquilted and having them puff out, so this is a good compromise. This quilt is no exception.

I'm really happy with this quilt. The fabrics are gorgeous and shiny, and the texture is lovely. Straight lines always look so good. When I was a newbie quilter I stayed away from straight lines thinking they were easy and boring, but boy was I wrong. They're not easy, and they're definitely not boring!

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