This is a collection of calculators that I use for my quilts. I'll add more as the need arises.

How to use:

  • All measurement should be in inches.
  • Values can be written as either 2.5 or 2 1/2.
  • Width / height is interchangeable.
  • Disclaimer: I do my best to make sure my calculations are correct, and I've added a little leeway to my yardage requirements, but I do not guarantee that they're absolutely correct.

    Quilt Width:
    Quilt Height:
    Binding Width:
    Binding Fabric Width:
    Quilt Width:
    Quilt Height:
    Fabric Width:
    Strips & Subcuts

    Note: The calculations assume the strips will be cut along the crosswise-grain.

    # of pieces:
    Piece width:
    Piece height:
    I'm using:
    I want to: minimize # of cuts    minimize fabric usage
    Quilt width:
    Quilt height:
    Border Width (finished size):
    Fabric Width:
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