Thursday, May 20, 2021

Go Kites

It's time for another rainbow quilt! I decided to pull out Go Kites as I knew just what I wanted to do with it. Rainbow fabrics and lots of white space to play with in a block layout? That's my favorite type of playground.

I'm not sure what this pattern is actually called, as the pattern itself didn't say. I decided to name it Go Kites because these blocks are kind of kite blocks. The fabric used is Basic Mixologie by Studio M.

The pattern uses a specialty ruler, but I used my preferred method of foundation paper piecing. It was overall easy and fun and pretty stress-free.

For the quilting, I did simple dot-do-dot designs in the rainbow fabrics as it won't show anyway, and did more intricate multiple filler designs in the white space. It flowed in a diagonal fashion, so it was good to plan this ahead of time.

I really enjoyed working on this quilt and love the end result! I planned the quilting of this quilt (and of the last dozen or so quilts) with ProCreate, and it has had a majorly positive impact on reducing my quilter's analysis paralysis.

The back of this quilt is also very pretty, and overall, this turned out so much better than I had hoped for.

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