Thursday, August 11, 2022


About 2 years ago, I participated in Christa Watson's Block Chain Quilt Along and made an adorable top using a charm pack of Crescent by Sarah Watts. After taking a long break from quilting this year, I decided it's finally time to finish this quilt.

I really love this quilt because the Crescent fabric is so cute with its owls, yet it's not juvenile at all. The chain link look is very graphic and this pattern is just perfect to show off a charm pack!

Using alternate designs is one of my favorite things to do, because it lessens the workload and keeps things interesting. Here, in the background space I alternated between dot-to-dot geometric designs (very quick to execute) and swirls (not as quick but the texture is so lovely).

I kept the quilting in the focal fabric bare minimal, especially as in this case they are basically like framed photos. A simple geometric frame design makes the fabric stand out while not obscuring the beautiful print.

And of course, I love to show the back of the quilt! For block quilts like this, the back can be as pretty as the front.

I enjoyed using this Crescent charm pack so much that I ended up buying a fat quarter bundle of Crescent ... but as it was the only one I had, I now realize I don't want to cut it up ever! And so that is another one for the fabric museum I've got, aka lovely bundles that I know I will probably never use.


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