Wednesday, April 24, 2024


It's been quite a few years since The Midnight Quilt Show ended, and to this day I still miss it. It was always a delight watching Angela Walters every week with her beautiful quilting and her humor! I have made quite a few quilts from The Midnight Quilt Show, some of which are on my to-quilt pile still, but my latest finish is Singularity.

Singularity, designed by Jenn Nevitt, is such a great name for this quilt because it does feel like a geometric wonder. It is in fact mesmerizing to look at with the tiny piecing in the center and the way the blocks expand in size outward. The colors are gorgeous together.

I struggled for several years to figure out how to quilt this, trying and scrapping so many designs, but at the end, I decided the quilting isn't important in this quilt, it's the beautiful geometric look of this quilt that matters, so I stuck with a very simple diagonal design that followed the piecing without being overwhelming.

I tried to keep the spacing between the lines half an inch, but I have a pretty strict "mark only when absolutely necessary" policy so for this quilt, I eyeballed everything. Though I know the spacing is far from perfect, somehow when it's all done, it looks pretty good.

In Angela's video of Singularity, there's a running joke about stress-relievement. I did find the quilting process of this quilt to be extremely zen ... to the point of boredom. But at the end of the day, I'm thrilled that I finally finished this, and I have no regrets about choosing a simple pattern to execute. It's truly mesmerizing to look at!


  1. Your choice of quilting pairs perfectly with the quilt design and lets the colors and geometry sing!

  2. Fantastic work! I have this on my to-do-one-day list. Definitely loved watching Angela's videos, and had the pleasure of attending one of her all-day workshops at the 2019 NZ Quilt Symposium in Auckland - such a cool lady!

  3. Beautiful quilt, I love everything! Lovely colors, blocks, and quilting ;)

  4. What a stunning quilt; the quilting just enhances it so well!


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