Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Newfoundland Pouch

I'm currently on a hiatus from sewing quilt tops (but I have a feeling that may end soon) while I concentrate on finishing some quilts on the longarm, but apparently I still have the desire to sew. After finishing Superbloom, that desire was not quenched, and I found myself looking for a new project from Sew Sweetness. I decided on the Newfoundland Pouch.

I have a lot of beautiful yardage fabric that I picked up intending to make into quilts, but then I end up not able to use them, preferring kits or bundles, and they end up languishing on my shelf. Now, I'm trying to be less precious about them, and just use them to make something because they deserve more than just sitting unloved (and forgotten) in my stash.

One feature I really like about this pouch is the accordion divider in the middle, which instantly makes it the most practical (and the most difficult) of the pouches I've made.

I rarely make pouches without a purpose in my mind for them, and for this one, with all the dividers, I think it would make a great travel organizer, perhaps for all my device cables / chargers.

The Newfoundland Pouch came out pretty well but the process was a bit hairy at times. But it's completely worth it!

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  1. You've done a super job; I love the fabric choices! I usually have about three projects on the go at once and chop and change between quick small quilts or sewing projects on my table-top domestic, patching up larger quilts, and then quilting on the longarm or domestic - though I do usually like to try and get a project done from start to finish sometimes the need to finish something else (usually to gift it) means a project gets interrupted.


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