Thursday, March 18, 2021


The Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters may have been over for more than a year now ... but I'm certainly not done making quilts that were featured in the show. My latest finish is Iridescent, a bright all-solids quilt designed by Slice of Pi Quilts.

Iridescent was so easy and so satisfying to put together because it's just squares and half-square triangles. The color placement would have been very confusing except for the fact that the pattern offered up a helpful chart, so there was no mix-up at all. Sometimes I just don't want to have to think.

But I do enjoy thinking when it comes to figuring out a quilting design. For the quilting, I designed a simple pattern that used a combination of dot-to-dot designs, a pebble and swirl fillers, and all the blocks are connected by a ribbon candy. That gave it a secondary effect which is always fun.

I really enjoy quilting all-solid quilts because I don't have to worry about obscuring prints or figuring out what to do with prints, and in addition, all-solid quilts really show off the quilting!

Some quilts aren't fun to quilt and I just push through it to enjoy the end result, but I truly loved every second of working on Iridescent. Once I figured out the quilting pattern, the execution was incredibly fun and satisfying. The last few weeks have been snowy and dreary here, so these beautiful colors certainly make me happy!


  1. What a pretty quilt, and I love that backing fabric! So I'm curious, do you display your quilts throughout your home? If so, it must be a feast for the eyes. You have so many lovely quilts!

  2. Well done! Love getting to see your latest finish.

  3. I love how your quilting motifs make the gray pop in a completely unexpected way. Fun quilt and colors for gray, dreary days for sure!

  4. This is gorgeous and your quilting plan worked so well! The grey really pops and the other colors occasionally have some transparency leading to a brilliant quilt!

  5. Another gorgeous finish! I love the colours you’ve chosen, and the quilting is magnificent.

  6. This turned out SO good and your quilting - wow!

  7. The solids are perfect so you can just have fun with the quilting! Such a lovely quilt. Makes me think I should make one . . .


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