Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Most of my quilt tops reach a few years of age before I quilt them, as I need to distance myself mentally from a quilt top before I finish it. However, Glow is a quilt I finished relatively recently, within the last 6 months in fact, and it's because I had a vision for how to quilt this from the get-go.

Glow is definitely one of my favorite quilt tops in my stash, because it contains some of my absolute favorite scraps. The pattern is called the Scrappy Quarter-Log Cabin, and it's by Christina Cameli.

This quilt is not only scrappy, but also improv, which is mentally exhausting and always scares me a lot, but also usually results in something that is quite magical. I named this quilt Glow because there are so many shiny fabrics on this quilt, it really does glow.

For quilting, I used mostly straight lines for the white space and some free-motion designs in the others. As the focal point of this quilt is the beautiful scrappy fabrics, I kept the quilting fairly minimal in that space.

After a fairly unproductive year in terms of quilting last year, I really wanted to do a lot more this year, and so far, I've finished 5 quilts, one a month. I'm pretty happy with the output, but we'll see what happens now that summer is around the corner.

Even though the year's only half done, I'm calling it now ... this is my favorite quilt finish for 2024!

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  1. Always a joy to see your work. Your choice of fabrics and quilting designs are always an inspiration!


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