Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nightshade Scarf

After quilting took over my life, I naturally had less time to knit. But I still had a massive yarn stash to work through, so I decided I would weave some of it away. My reasoning is simple ... weaving is significantly faster than knitting and therefore can use up the stash more quickly.

But that plan doesn't work so well when I procrastinated more than 2 months on doing the hemstitch for a scarf alone. Finally I looked up how to do the hemstitching, and did it. After all that procrastinating, actual time relearning and doing the hemstitch? 20 minutes. Actual time weaving the scarf? Several hours ... split over several weeks.

The yarn I used is a gradient purply/gray yarn, and for the warp I used 3 bands of alternating black and taupe. Honestly speaking, I was quite fed up with this project before I even started it, and I just wanted to be done with it. So I skipped some crucial things that would bite me later. I didn't bother marking segments so I had no idea when to stop weaving, and I didn't check my SETT along the way. On the bright side, at least I found out my warp sticks do work well, as the tension was at least even.

I'm decently pleased with the finished result, especially after blocking. The splotchiness due to the gradient yarn gave it a sort of rustic charm, I find.

So weaving really is faster than knitting ... that is, if I actually do it. I want to do a log cabin scarf next, and will really have to pay attention to SETT in that one, or it would be very obvious if it's off.

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