Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lac Rose Scarf

I don't crochet that much, but I try to get out my hooks once in awhile, just so I don't forget how! I recently completed Lac Rose, a lacy crochet scarf by Katya Novikova. The pattern is super easy, and I deliberately used a bigger hook and smaller yarn than called for for an even more open look.

I'm really happy with this scarf. I like my scarves pretty long, about 7 feet, so that when I wrap them around my neck once, they still dangle at thigh-length. The crochet lace look is a very different style than a knit lace look. The knit lace look tends to look more delicate, while the crochet type, more hardy. I like both looks, but I tend to wear my hardy scarves a lot more simply because I'm not as afraid of damaging them.

I also really enjoyed the yarn, which is Artyarns Merino Cloud, in a hot pink / fuchsia shade. (It also felts easily, which was great for wet-splicing.) I don't actually own much in hot pink or fuchsia, so this is a great addition to my scarf collection. Despite there being so many holes, I think it'll work well for winter because it is quite big, and hence great for wrapping around my neck, and the yarn itself is insulating. It's also a great big punch of color on my usual black-on-black winter wardrobe.

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