Friday, February 17, 2017

Heart Builder Quilts

I recently was sent a couple of quilt tops by Stash Builder Box Heart Builders, and I had the honor of finishing them. This has been so great because 1) they're going to help kids in need, 2) I get to see what people have pieced, and 3) I can have lots of fun machine quilting without worrying about too many quilts in the house.

The first top I quilted has a lot of pink, brown, and green, along with some puppy prints. I quilted this one with an allover style with flowers, paisleys, and swirls. I've used paisleys and swirls a lot before, they're my go-to designs, but this is the first time I added flowers to the mix. The flowers are a great addition, I think, because the paisleys / swirls can blend together due to their similarity, but the flowers look just different enough to stand out a little.

Detailed shot of quilting:

The second top is an alternating 4-patch, and it's very structured, so I did some simple custom quilting here. I quilted the 4-patches with a continuous curve design and quilted a dot-to-dot design in the larger patches and filled it with a continuous curve flower. (Believe it or not, this quilt was much harder to quilt than the first one.)

Detailed shot of quilting:

I really enjoyed quilting these quilts, but more importantly, I'm glad they're going to end up somewhere where they can do some good. Now, off to find a box to ship them!


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  1. Very pretty quilts. I wish I could free motion quilt more than a stipple/meandering stitch.

    1. Thank you! I'm the opposite ... I can't stipple / meander at all, it looks pretty terrible when I've tried.

  2. Just beautiful quilting, well done. And learning a new skill is always useful particularly on a quilt that you haven't got precision stars or something to be concerned about.

  3. Great work Liz! Very effective quilting.


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