Monday, October 10, 2016

Herrington Infinity Scarf

I started the Herrington Infinity Scarf in March, before quilting took over my free time. Though it's not a big project, it took me 7 months of on and off working to finally finish it. I also suspect the warmer weather has something to do with it, as I'm just not as interested in making cold weather accessories when I can't wear it anytime soon.

However, we're officially into not only knitting season, but knitwear season! I'll get to wear this infinity scarf soon, I hope.

I enjoy doing stranded knitting a lot, and it's even lovelier to see the finished result. This cowl is stranded and double layered, so it's super warm, and I love the interplay of black and variegated blue a lot. I didn't have enough of the original yarn at the end, but happily I found a leftover skein in my stash that is not only from the same brand but also very similarly colored. I alternated it with the original I had and gradually shifted to the new yarn, and I don't think it's that obvious. Or, hopefully, it looks intentional.

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