Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Garden Colorful

I have a new favorite quilt. Yep, it's my Rainbow Petals quilt from Corey Yoder's Playful Petals, which I've renamed to A Garden Colorful. I just love how bright and cheerful it is!

I used the AccuQuilt Go! to cut all my orange peels, so all my orange peels are 4.5", which is a little bigger than her template in the book. I had to adjust the size of the background pieces accordingly, but I like that better as it yields a bigger quilt. I hate putting sashing on, but this vertical sashing is at least easier than a grid sashing. I also finally figured out the blanket stitch, and realized I hate a black blanket stitch as it's so stark. I ended up using gray so it blended in nicely but also added a little outline and definition to some of the lighter petals. I saved the black for the binding, and rather enjoy the contrast with the white background fabric.

I knew how I wanted to quilt this long before I was finished piecing, and for the most part I stuck to my plan. I echoed the sashing strips and covered them with orange peel designs. For the areas around the petals, I used an echo shell. I decided to quilt within the applique as well because otherwise it was too much left unquilted, and did simple swirls that looked more like a multi-tier hook. I learned halfway through that I didn't end up using enough contrast between the design in the sashing and the filler areas around the petals. I should have made the sashing less dense and the areas around the petals more so. Well, proper contrast is crucial to quilting planning and I'll know for next time. I'm still very happy with how everything turned out.

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