Friday, September 16, 2016

Sewing Machine Cover

I've been wanting to make a custom sewing machine cover for some time, previously because the plastic white cover for my machine is so stark and ugly, and now because my machine sits flush with a sewing table and the plastic cover wouldn't fit.

I used a simple gray fat quarter for the background and then made 2 strips out of scrap fabric to run down the sides. This left me with a ton of negative space to quilt, which I love to do.

I quilted it with my 3 favorite designs that I'm still working on perfecting: pebbles, swirls, and paisleys. Of the 3, my swirls are probably the worst, but all in all it looks pretty good when it's not under the ultra-bright, flaw exposing LED light of the machine. I did one half of it with swirls and one half with paisleys so that I can turn it around for a different look, as only half of it is visible at a time.

This was a very easy project that didn't take more than a few afternoons, and it was great practice for quilting negative space. Plus, I now have something to ostensibly keep some dust out. (Maybe)

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