Friday, September 9, 2016

Quilt Expo 2016

I went to a surprise quilt show today, considering that I only found out about it yesterday. I accidentally stumbled upon the fact that Quilt Expo was happening this weekend across the state border in Madison, Wisconsin. After seeing the long vendor list, I found out it was a really big show, and I whisked my mom and drove there today.

There were a lot of stunning quilts on display as usual. Here are some of my favorites. Disclaimer: these photos are for personal memories, not for reproduction of these works of art.

Left: Effevescent - pieced & quilted by Marcia Shipman
Right: Backgammon - pieced by Lorraine Stenoish, quilted by Mary Klein

Left: Dashes & Dots - pieced by Margaret West, quilted by Norma Rheim
Right: Chicago - pieced & quilted by Karla Nitz

Left: Not Your Grandmother's Flower Garden - pieced by Lois Solverud, quilted by Julayne Jelle
Right: Sunburst - pieced by Claudia Mielke, quilted by Dianne Thompson

Left: Links in 50 Shades of Gray - pieced & quilted by Jo Jacobi
Right: Rainbow Play - pieced & quilted by Brenda S. Roach

Left: Seven Women on My Mind - pieced & quilted by Patricia Geishirt
Right: Pinwheels - pieced by Linda Anderson, quilted by Marilyn Nikolaus

In addition to the beautiful quilts on display, the real draw of such a convention is always the market. I usually like to buy everything online, but during conventions I get to see lots of great new tools being demo'ed, and even try them out for myself. I played with stand-up longarms, and discovered that I have a much easier time doing boxes and straight lines than circles and swirls on there. (I have the opposite issue on my sit-down longarm. My circles look a lot better than my squares.) I get to flip through the fat quarter packs, charm packs, layer cakes, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I always leave shows like this with a ton of merchandise, and this one is no exception.

I'm not sure if I can go back next year as it was a bit of a drive, but I'm glad I found out about this show while it was happening and got to go this year.

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