Friday, September 23, 2016

Rainbow Petals Quilt

Corey Yoder's Playful Petals is one of my favorite quilting pattern books. Corey loves the orange peel applique ... and so do I. The Rainbow Petals quilt has been on my to-quilt list for a long time, and I'm finally starting it.

I recently acquired an AccuQuilt Go! cutter and the first cutting die I bought was the orange peel die. So far I really enjoy my AccuQuilt (although it's SO heavy), and it takes some self-control not to go and buy every die that looks good. For the orange peel though, it's a great time saver, and I was able to both fuse and cut 150 orange peels needed for my quilt ridiculously quickly. Needless to say there are a lot of orange peel quilts in my future!

This is my first time using fusible applique on such a large scale, and I really enjoy it. There's something very kindergarten arts & crafts about glueing shapes, which is quite liberating. I'm using a heavy-duty Pellon Wonder Under for the fusible web, and so far it's been working beautifully. It's extremely fast to fuse, and although I find it a teensy bit stiff, I do not mind stiffness at all.

I'm using 2 packs of fat quarters, one mostly solid and one chevron striped, and they're both rainbow themed. Hopefully it'll look as great as I'm hoping.

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