Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stitches South 2016

This past weekend I went to Stitches South at Opryland in Nashville Tennessee. We packed the kids in the car and drove down to my mother-in-law's house, which is about 3 hours away from Nashville. Then my sister-in-law (fellow knitter), mother-in-law, and I did a one-day trip to Nashville. Venue wise, Opryland is really, really gorgeous! It reminded me of the Venetian Hotel in Vegas ... but even better, as it was a heck of a lot brighter, being under this giant see-through roof. The whole place felt like it was a terrarium, full of plants and there was even a river running through it. Parking was ridiculously expensive so we parked in the movie theatre across the street, which turned out to be a really easy walk to the Delta Portico.

This is my second year at Stitches South, and as it turns out, the last one, as XRX announced that they're not doing Stitches South in 2017, and when it comes back, it won't be at Opryland. I can certainly understand why, as the rooms are expensive, the venue is huge (and hence a LOOOOT of walking) and parking is ridiculously expensive. This year was a little smaller than last year, since apparently there were 4 fiber fests going on that weekend. I only did the Market this year, and didn't bother with classes, demonstrations, or book signings.

I needed to save some money this year to spend at Intl Quilt Fest next week, so I held back a bit and only got things that were really, really special. I still ended up with some very nice things, that I'm looking forward to using!

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