Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quilter's Stash Box ~ April 2016

Quilter's Stash Box is the 3rd quilting box-of-the-month I've tried so far. I wanted to try them all, and then keep my favorite. I received it today, and eagerly opened it up, to find ...

  • Fat Quarters - I'm not sure what collection it's from, it wasn't tied up in a cute little bundle with a label. I'm not sure how I feel about the colors ... which is probably my-speak for I didn't like them. However, they're not objectionable, as a "Little House on the Prairie" collection certainly would be. They're quite neutral, and I think would look nice when paired with other fabrics, but I wouldn't make a quilt featuring these fabrics alone, it's too muted for my taste.

  • Bamboo Stiletto by Collins - cute, lightweight, always handy to have another one.

  • Aurifil thread in gray - this is a sampler size for the most part, I like the color, it's very nice and blends in with everything, so I'd probably end up using it for connecting English Paper Piecing bits together.

  • Cut Loose Press Patterns Divider - I got this since this is my first stash box. I love this divider, I think it's so smart and I can't wait to organize my loose patterns.

  • Bloom by Christine Van Buskirk - I love geometrics, so I really like this pattern. It looks kind of difficult for my current skill level, but that's okay, it's always good to have something to aspire to.

    I love that the box was 12 x 12 x 2, so a great size that actually fits in my Expedit shelves. I will definitely be keeping this box, it's so reusable.

    Overall, my feelings about this box are neutral. To me, the notions are nice but what really makes me want a box is fabric and patterns. What I want to get are either things that I see and immediately say, I want that. Or, even better, things that I probably wouldn't pick out myself but am super happy to have. I'm debating if I want to try another box, I think I have to watch Youtube unboxings to see what they sent out in the past, to see if maybe I'm not their target audience when it comes to style.

    Update: I just watched a 2 unboxings on Youtube ... and neither of them had fabric! Say what? I should feel lucky there's fabric in my box, since it seems like sometimes they focus on the notions and not on fabric. So this definitely isn't the box for me, because to me fabric is the most important part.

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