Friday, April 15, 2016

Finished: Craftsy 2012 BOM

I finally finished the Craftsy 2012 BOM quilt. I worked on it diligently over the course of 6 weeks, and it was a fun and most challenging project, sometimes frustrating, but I learned so, so much.

After I put all the blocks together with sashing, I decided to do a semi-ambitious machine quilting design, where I do spiraling squares. It was a ton of turning and pivoting, and the quilt was heavy and unwieldy (to think, it's barely a lap quilt, I can't imagine quilting a king-sized quilt!) and somewhere along the line the square became very, very wonky. I persisted even though I wish I had picked an easier, less involved design. After I finally finished it, I noticed that because some of my squares didn't have the seam allowances completely pressed out, and because I didn't starch, during quilting all that extra fabric came out, and I ended up having to lop off the borders when squaring up, just to get to a quilt that was sort of a rectangle. At least, I think that's what went wrong. It's all a learning process for me, so I don't mind.

I made the binding from leftover fabric from a skirt I made a long time ago, and I'm glad, as the subtle gray and white print was more interesting than a white, and less severe than a black border would have been. I decided to finish the binding by machine completely, as I had no patience for hand-stitching the binding. I think it turned out just fine, I stitched in the ditch along where the binding met the quilt and you can barely tell until you look really, really closely. I really like this option, and will probably always machine-finish my bindings.

This quilt is so eclectic that it's not something I'd drape over a couch arm, on display, but it was a fabulous learning experience and I'm perfectly happy to let the kiddos play on it and abuse it.

Moving on! I'm super excited to start the next bunch of projects I've been planning.

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