Saturday, April 9, 2016

Snowflake Table Runner

Last December when we were decorating the house, I realized that we really needed a Christmas themed table runner. I bought a cheap one from Target to carry us through, but I was determined to make something of my own for next Christmas. I decided to crochet a snowflake table runner.

I was a little scared of the pattern, as my crochet skills are not nearly as good as my knitting skills, and reading crochet text directions is a little like reading a knitting lace pattern in text ... pretty much awful. I knew I had to learn to read charts, but as I'm completely self-taught in crochet, charts were a little scary. What did I do? Craftsy, of course. I found a class on Craftsy that was all about teaching you to read crochet charts, and after that class, I was very confident. I was glad to have a real project to practice chart-reading on, as I wasn't interested in making the project in the class.

And here it is!

I'm very happy with the finished result. However, when I planned this project I had no idea I would get sucked this much into quilting, so the Christmas table runner will likely be quilted instead. But I'm sure I can still find a use for this somewhere in the house!

Here's a link to the free pattern I used: Star Table Runner.

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