Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sewing Room

When we finished the basement, I decided I wanted a craft room ... or more specifically a sewing room. I realized one of my major deterrences in sewing is that setup and teardown is such a pain. There are the cutting surface and cutting mats, the ironing board and iron (which I also have to make sure my little kids don't mess with), the machine itself, all the notions, so sewing seemed so much more work to get going than knitting or crocheting.

But no longer! I designed my craft room, had it painted orange as that's one of my favorite colors, and decided on all white furniture with gray/chrome accents. I just love it, and it means I can nip downstairs sometimes to cut a square, sew a seam, and then rush back upstairs to take care of my kids. I also don't have to worry about leaving a mess out overnight. I never want to go to bed with our main living area looking messy, so now it's just perfect.

Jon also put in some speakers, so I can listen to music when I'm working away. All we're missing now is cabinets with a countertop along the back and more shelves up top. We looked into putting a sink in, but it was going to be way too expensive, and there's a bathroom next door anyway, so never mind that. The countertops will probably have to be ordered from Ikea, I'll worry about that this summer.

Of course, it's not just a sewing room, our cutting machine is there, my loom is there too, and I got a stand for it. I imagine in the future as the kids grow up other crafts will make their way here.

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