Thursday, March 24, 2016

Charming Baby Quilt

Browsing on Craftsy one day, I saw a beginner's quilting class called Charming Baby Quilts, and I thought, perfect! I was 7 months pregnant at the time, and I was going to crochet a baby blanket for Tristan, but decided a quilt would probably be faster to do, not to mention teach me something I've been becoming interested in.

I bought precut charm squares from Craftsy, one of the two for the class, in boy colors. I almost could not wait to receive the package so I could get started!

I didn't have to cut, which was nice, because I had become afraid of cutting. I got a patchwork foot for my machine and got going. It was also more challenging than I expected ... Amy made it look easy, but she had been doing it for years. For me, even sewing a quarter inch seam consistently, such that the strips lined up, was really challenging.

I'm not really sure I'm very happy with the blanket, the squares didn't line up well, and when turning the edge the edge wasn't straight so I ended up having to resew parts, parts fell out, it was just bad. At least a baby blanket is made cute by the essence of what it is. The label is hand embroidered, and I used interfacing for the first time.

But that's okay, I'm sure Tristan will be getting more quilts in the future!

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