Thursday, March 24, 2016

Journey to Sewing

I've been on Ravelry for several years, happily knitting and crocheting, but I finally decided to explore some other forms of crafting too. I considered cake decorating for about a minute ... then dropped it fast. Who's going to eat it, after all? I finally decided to get a starter sewing machine and try sewing.

I made 2 skirts, but really didn't enjoy fashion sewing very much. I was kind of annoyed at the back-breaking work cutting the pattern out was, and I really hated working with the pattern paper, too. It wasn't until I read a book called Sew Gifts! that I decided I was interested in sewing after all ... just maybe not clothes, at least not yet.

There doesn't seem to be a sewing equivalent of Ravelry, so I decided to just detail my journey in sewing (and other crafts) on a blog. Besides sewing and quilting, I also will be doing weaving, and I'm interested in trying other crafts as well. Quilling, paper crafts, shuttle tatting, kumihimo braiding, I want to try them all in time!

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