Thursday, March 24, 2016

Charming Baby Quilt, Take 2

Kaylee watched me make Tristan's quilt, and I didn't want her to feel left out, so I promised her I'd make one for her too. After finishing Tristan's quilt, I went to Jo-Ann's and bought a charm pack, as well as some white fabric since they didn't have any white charm squares.

I very carefully cut the white fabric into 5 inch squares, which took me a long time because I was still afraid of cutting. Then I realized that the squares from the charm pack I bought wasn't really 5" squared! It was just slightly above. I decided to trim down to 5", but the pinked edges was a real pain. After just trimming one, I gave up and decided to save the charm pack for another day. Then I went and bought fabric for my colored squares.

I found this print with puppies on it, which I know Kaylee would love because she's obsessed with puppies right now. (Not real ones though ... she's afraid of real dogs!) Then I found a few other fat quarters that coordinated with it, cut them all, and got sewing.

I was a bit more experienced this time, and made fewer issues. When a seam didn't line up perfectly, I fixed it, so that at the end all of the seams on the squares actually lined up quite well. I also was very careful doing the topstitching this time too when turning the quilt, and I made sure the edges are square and straight. All in all the quality of the quilt was better.

I didn't feel like hand-sewing the label this time, so I just used a Sharpie and wrote the label.

I think she likes it! Well, this picture was taken just now, and I made the quilt 8 months ago, so ... that explains the wrinkles.

I'm not very happy with the ties though, they have already come out once and I had to re-tie half the quilt. I'm not sure it will hold up in the wash. But no big deal, any future quilts I make for Kaylee will be quilted. I sort of hate ties anyway.

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