Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Rocking Duo

When I think of rock stars in the quilting world, there are a lot of names that come to mind. But when I think of someone who literally has the aesthetic of a rock star, I think of no one but Libs Elliott. I absolutely adore her fabrics and her designs, full of skulls, glitter, and fun.

So one can imagine just how much I enjoyed making her Double Trouble pattern with her Greatest Hits Vol I collection. (The black / white fabrics are not from that collection, as I didn't have enough.) I love star quilts, and this one is just pulsating with rhythm and beat! (Maybe because I listened to too much pounding bass while making this.)

Well, I'm totally in love with it! However, while cutting the black and white fabric, I misread the instructions and cut out twice as many. I decided it's time to make another Haphazard quilt, this time in just black and white fabrics. I didn't have enough for a throw-sized quilt, but this 36" x 36" quilt makes a good size of a wallhanging.

I just love it! It looks so graphic and striking. This is my 3rd Haphazard, and I think it's my favorite yet! All in all, it's been a happy week in the quilting studio.


  1. It looks like a very happy week; I'm really into 2 color quilts right now and that version of Haphazard is stunning.

  2. Both quilts are stunning, and that little 2 color quilt will be a fun reminder of these projects while it's hanging on your wall. Libs has great fabric!

  3. Both are so striking! Go bold or go home :)

  4. These are both rock star quilts, Liz! Love them! I will definitely be making a Haphazard quilt myself in 2020. It's on my resolution list.

  5. Wonder if you could or would tell me what the black and white fabric line is? I just love it. cokerun at charter dot net


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