Thursday, December 26, 2019

Best of 2019

It's that time of the year again! This is my 2nd time participating in Cheryl Brickey's Best of Linky Party, something I really enjoy because it gives me an excuse to look back onto my year of blogging and projects, and forces me (in a fun way) to pick my favorites.

As I look back onto 2019, I realize that it was a fairly low-volume year. In fact, I only completed 11 quilts in the entirety of 2019 (plus a few wallets and one handbag). But, here are my top 5:

I'm Most Grateful For: Mod Mountains

Earlier this year I experienced my first burnout. For a few months, I just didn't really want to quilt. I couldn't control the passion for quilting when it arrived, and I couldn't control it leaving me, either. But then something happened. Suzy Quilts started a quilt-along for Mod Mountains in April, and something about that stirred up the fire in me, and I felt a renewed passion for quilting.

Favorite Top: Rock Star

It was a very, very close race between Rock Star and Circuit for my favorite quilt top of the year, but at the end Rock Star won out because I'm just so crazy about the fabrics, and I have a thing for star quilts.

Biggest Save: Bridges

I really hated Bridges when I first finished the quilt top. In fact, I couldn't get over how much I hated it, and that's why it got quilted over so many others I have in the stash ... to get it out of my mind! But as a result, I took more liberties with the quilting, experimented, did things I normally wouldn't, and it turned into one of my favorites, to the point that it's now hanging over my fireplace.

Most Inspired: Seahorse Sanctuary

Seahorse Sanctuary is one of my most inspired quilts, both in the fabric selection and the quilting. The inspiration came in the form of putting the seahorse print inside the houses and quilting a little underseas neighborhood. All the houses are "decorated" with different quilting designs, and I really enjoyed this one.

Favorite Finish: Totality

When I finished Totality back in February, I said it was my favorite quilt ever. That still holds true today! Everything about this quilt speaks to me. The graphic pattern, the special fabric I got from Spoonflower, and of course, I love the quilting.


So that's my 2019. Between months of burnout, fear and loathing in the longarm room, and lots of trips, I didn't get as much done in the sewing room as I would have liked to, but of my finishes, I'm really happy with and proud of each one. Here's to 2020!


  1. SEW sorry to hear about your burnout, but glad that you found your way back to quilting!! You showcased some great projects this year.

  2. Beautiful finishes, I loved seeing them again. I look forward to your beautiful creations in 2020!

  3. Great quilts, all of them. I am sorry you were burnout but glad . you are back in a groove that works for you. Cheers to 2019 and a big hello to 2020 and the good things I hope it brings to you.

  4. So many beautiful quilts, Liz. Glad you found your comeback after the burnout. I'm chuckling about Bridges now hanging over your fireplace; funny how those quilts we hate become our favs now and then. Here's to a wonderful 2020!

  5. I love seeing your year in review. These are wonderful quilts. Very inspiring!

  6. So much eye candy and your quilting is absolutely divine!! Glad you got your Sewjo back!!

  7. I love seeing all these gorgeous quilts again, Liz! I think Totality might be my favorite, too, because of the wonderful celestial fabrics :)

  8. Beautiful workmanship! So sorry for your burnout period.... happens to all of us at one time or another, I think. Hope you have an inspiring start to the new year!

  9. I am so glad you saved "Bridges". It is wonderful and especially the quilting. I have actually had the same experience with some quilt in the past.

    My favorite is "Seahorse Sanctuary". House quilts are my favorite and these are so darn cute! The quilting is absolutely stunning!

  10. Liz, your works are all so gorgeous and perfect. You are really a talented quilter and artist.

  11. I ALWAYS enjoy visiting your blog, I know there will be inspired designs and jaw-dropping quilting. You deserve a gallery showing as a fiber artist.

    1. Thank you for being a long-time reader of my blog and for such a sweet comment!

  12. I love all your pieces and the!

  13. Very creative, Liz! I love your 5 categories. I enjoyed seeing your quilts again. You quilt so beautifully, all freehand, so I'm surprised you have had fear in the LA room. Wishing you a blessed 2020.

  14. Love the Rock Star quilt. Rainbow or at least very colorful but also with a lot of contrasting black and white. Great composition! The other quilts are also good. Sorry to hear you had a few ups and downs. Wishing you all the best for 2020. xo Melanie

  15. Beautiful finishes! I love the vibrant colors and amazing texture of the FMQ.


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