Friday, November 2, 2018

Urban Mod

I love a good hunt. When I was browsing through Art Gallery Fabrics (who has a fabulous and inspirational website!) I discovered a collection called Urban Mod that I fell in love with. It had a really great retro look, and I thought the colors and prints were fantastic. Unfortunately, it has been out of print for several years.

I hunted high and low all over the internet and managed to pull together a fat quarter of this print, a half yard of that print, until I had most of the prints in the collection. I paired them with a pattern called Tokyo Terrace by Robin Pickens.

This is one of the easier patterns I've worked on because the pieces are big and there are very few seams to match. However, it's a twin sized quilt so as it grew, it became more unwieldy. I didn't really know how I wanted to quilt it, but I did know I wanted the quilting to look organic and not so planned. I took the inspiration of a brick wall with stone details and plants growing all over it.

There's nothing like a feather to elevate the aesthetics of a quilt, so I quilted giant feathers on there. I love to surround feathers with tiny fillers to really make them pop!

I had a really hard time with the foreground fabrics, though. I decided to try something I've never tried before: quilt along the fabric. The polka dot fabric became bubble wrap, the serpentine fabric got serpentine designs, and the flowery fabric got a flowery meander.

These little square blocks are a sort of resting area for this quilt as they're the only thing not quilted heavily. In fact, I think these little blocks are the best part of the quilt, as it would be rather boring if it was just large panels.

I had lots of fun quilting this quilt, and I like to think that at the end of every quilt I'm X hours better because I spent X hours quilting it, but it's never as true as when I tried so many new designs.

And this is the back of it. I showed more photos of this quilt than I usually do, but it is sort of commensurate with the amount of time I put into this quilt!


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  1. The quilting definitely elevates the quilt. Doing tiny filler work takes more hours, but the end result is worth it. Thanks for the peak at your quilting on the back!!

  2. This is just absolutely gorgeous! I think if I ever came to your house, I would try to steal this quilt. :D

  3. I always get excited when I see your post in my inbox, because I know I get to see more of your amazing quilting. I'm never disappointed. I love the fabric with the gray, and your quilting is just stunning. Love that bright blue backing too!

  4. Beautiful!! I keep saving photos from your blog to use as inspiration for my own free motion quilting. You're my role model :)

  5. Another winner! Your quilting made this quilt shine!

  6. beautiful quilting! (ditto the quilt)

  7. Absolutely masterful quilting! Those many hours spent "practicing" on other quilts certainly paid off with this one. It's inspirational as well as beautiful.

  8. As always, your quilt is stunning!!! So many hours but so beautiful!

  9. Liz! This is beautiful!! Like always, your quilting is so superb! And you know I'm a fan of more photos! ;) More is more!

  10. Your quilting is jaw-dropping!!!!! Amazing!!!!


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