Friday, November 23, 2018

Mugrugs & Coasters

Mugrugs were actually the first quilting-related projects that I was attracted to. (At the time, I didn't like the look of patchwork quilts. I know, I know.)

So when I have a lot of flippy corners or triangle cutoffs, I end up with a slew of half-square triangles that I just have to make into mugrugs. Luckily there are so many ways to arrange half-square triangles!

The first one came out of my Night & Day quilts, the Day version. I really like how bright and cheery it looks! Another reason I like mugrugs is that they give me an opportunity to do walking foot quilting. One of the things I hate most about my sewing machine is that the presser foot pressure is not adjustable, and it presses down too hard, which causes a lot of distortions and tucks if I try to do walking foot quilting on an actual quilt. But at least on a mugrug, it's small enough that it's not noticeable.

My second mugrug uses a black-white striped fabric. I thought these striped fabrics are really cool and they create an interesting effect because it looks like I pieced when I didn't. I had a lot of fun doing all kinds of arrangements before finally deciding on this look.

But I actually had some extra HSTs leftover, so I made them into matching coasters. I wasn't about to bind the coasters in the normal double-fold French binding though, as that would have made me cry. Instead, I just did a turned edge finish. It doesn't look as tidy as a bound edge, but serves the purpose just as well!

These were quick and satisfying one-day projects, which is perfect because it's Thanksgiving weekend and I've got meals to enjoy and fabric to buy!


  1. These are so cute, and it's a great way to use up HSTs and play around with designs. Happy Thanksgiving, Liz!

  2. I love how the black and white print makes the piecing seem so much more complicated. I agree that traditional binding would be too much for those coasters. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

  3. How cute are these!!! Your walking foot quilting is just as stunning as your longarm quilting! And I had to chuckle--"that would've made me cry"--haha!!! I agree!

  4. Great use of your goose poop! I would never have thought to make coasters! Such a great idea! And turning them instead of binding was definitely rhe right way to go.

  5. Great job on these little things! Always fun to get a quick win. It is reminding me my husband wants a phone coaster - actually 2. Glad the walking foot works better on these little projects - I hate when things don't work as they should.


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