Sunday, April 30, 2017

AQS Paducah Spring 2017

I went to AQS Paducah on Friday, and wow, was it a big show! I think it's the biggest show I've ever attended. This is not surprising, since Paducah is sort of considered quilt city, USA. There were so many vendors that they couldn't even fit in one building, and we had to shuttle around.

The last quilt show I went to a few weeks ago, I concentrated on playing with all the longarms, so I really didn't do much shopping. This time, with my longarm decision made, I relaxed and checked out the quilts and vendors.

Some of my favorite quilts I saw today I already recognized from online, so it was great to see them in person. I'm forever amazed by how creative quilters are!

Left: Modern Nine-Patch by Susan Mogan
Right: Equilateral Sampler by Rebecca Bryan

Left: Feathered Chevrons by Christa Watson
Right: Meeting of the Geese by Sylvia Schaefer

Left: Skylights by Hope Wilmarth
Right: Art Deco Sun by Robbi Joy Eklow

Left: Technicolor Deco by Shirley Gisi
Right: Flowered & Feathered Frenzy by Susan K. Cleveland


Although I already decided on a longarm, I certainly couldn't resist playing with them again. Mainly, I played with the Handi Quilter Avante and the APQS Lenni, because those were my top contenders, and until now I didn't have a chance to compare them side-by-side. Well ... I'm really glad I picked the Lenni, because it really felt the best in my hands!

Of course, no quilt show is ever complete without some delicious shopping. I worked hard to rein myself in ...

It will be quite awhile before the next quilt show, which probably won't be until fall. Time to actually go make quilts with all the stuff I've hoarded!


  1. I was there on Saturday Liz and had a wonderful time! I had plenty of time to see all the quilts and was overwhelmed by all the creativity. Then I was blown away by the number of vendors! I picked up some great things and can't wait to start sewing. Looks like you had some fun shopping too!

  2. Love seeing those quilts via your photos. Nice purchases! And glad to hear you're happy about your LA decision.

  3. I was there on Wednesday and Thursday. You picked my favorites to feature on your post.

  4. One of my goals is to get to a major show this year - haven't done any in a few years and our 'local' ones are gone..... Looks like a great time.


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