Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tokyo Subway Map ~ Ready to Quilt!

The first time I saw Tokyo Subway Map, I was still a fairly new quilter, and though I loved it, I was really intimidated. It looked so tiny and intricate. I put it on my "make someday" list and didn't think about it much. Then, about a year later, I remembered it and suddenly, I had to make it now. Talk about queue jumping!

Making this quilt first consists of cutting 1600 squares. After that, it's piecing those 1600 squares together. This quilt took more than a month to piece the top, just because there were so many little pieces. While it shouldn't have been difficult, I had a hard time with this. I think I just don't do very well with little pieces, but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying.

I love this top so far, and I'm so excited to quilt it. I think I'll have to finally try my hand at improv quilting, or wild quilting. I took a class with Christina Cameli on wild quilting that was incredibly inspiring, and I've always admired the amazing work of Karlee Porter. I can't think of a more perfect canvas to try wild quilting than this quilt, because it's got an urban feel, it's asymmetrical, whimsical, and has so many odd spaces.

Since I've never done wild quilting before, I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to sketch it out some. I just randomly doodled some stuff without thinking too hard about it, but I kind of like the way it looks! In a blending thread, it'll be great. One thing I always have to take into account, though, is contrast, as it's something I struggle with.

Well, I can hardly wait to get started! This will probably take me a month or so to quilt, but it will be a really fun one.


  1. I have a Tokyo Subway Map quilt in the works, too! I started it back when it first came out - about 1/3 of it is stitched together, and all the rest of the blocks are cut out. I'd love to get mine finished. I love your idea to use wild quilting on yours - it will look fabulous!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of pieces!!! Good job on reaching this point! Love your practice doodle quilting--you've definitely got it!

  3. Hi Liz - popping over from the NQB group. This top is great and I love your practice doodle for the wild quilting. It will look fantastic on this quilt!


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