Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aviatrix Medallion ~ Part One: Center Star + Border 1

Aviatrix Medallion is by far the most complicated quilt I've ever done. By far. Just cutting and organizing all the fabrics took me days because there felt like a thousand pieces that were all different shapes and sizes.

The center medallion looked really intimidating. It's a Lone Star pattern, and the pieces are tiny! So naturally I decided to do it in English Paper Piecing. It took me a very, very long time, but it's finally done. It looked pretty good, and the points lined up.

And then ... I realized my big, big mistake. I forgot to account for one side of the seam allowance, so each diamond was 1/8" bigger on each side than it was supposed to be. That means my star is several inches too big! I wasn't about to redo it, nor can I stand cutting off the star points, so my only option was to change Border 1's dimensions so that from this point on, the size is right again.

So I appliqued the star onto the background and added a scrappy border instead of the half-square triangle border as in the pattern.

That was a tough lesson to learn about double-checking my math! Hopefully there are no further snafus in this project.

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    1. Wow, that is beautiful, Liz! No one will ever know. Great solution.

    2. That is one perfect star! Glad you were able to keep those star points!


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