Monday, March 6, 2017

It's Cheaper Than Therapy

I've read the phase "Oh, well, it's cheaper than therapy" at the end of a quilter's buying binge, and it got me thinking. Quilting really is therapeutic for a great number of people, in fact, I'm positive my blood pressure drops just by walking into my sewing room. But why?

Turns out, every stage of quilting has its own therapeutic value.

1. Fabric Selection - Looking at and auditioning the gorgeous fabrics, the vibrant colors and prints, the hopes and potentials wrapped in those pretty little bundles ... instant mood boost.

2. Cutting - Need to vent some anger? Stack 'em and whack 'em with the rotary cutter. I speak from experience.

3. Piecing - Nothing takes my mind off my problems better than trying to get that perfect quarter-inch seam ... and achieving (or trying to) that perfect matched seam.

4. Quilting - My personal favorite part, for quilting is like doodling, but with thread. Quilting has the ability to change the mood of the quilt from traditional elegance, to modern edge, or a combination thereof, all just by changing the quilting design. The freedom to play and express and its therapeutic power is amazing.

5. Snuggling - What could be more therapeutic than snuggling under a beautiful handmade quilt using gorgeous fabric, and knowing I made it? Exactly.

And that is why quilting is so therapeutic. It's also cheaper than the other kind of therapy. Well ... to an extent, depending on shopping habits. However, it's far more productive, and it's pretty safe. I used to hang glide as therapy, but one majorly broken arm later, my family is thrilled that I now quilt instead.

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