Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Snowdrops Reversible Infinity Scarf

Even though I like to crochet, I've mostly stuck to stuffed animals and rarely bother with anything wearable as I tend not to like the clunkier look and feel. However, when I saw the Snow Drops Reversible Cowl, I really wanted to make it. I had recently acquired some gorgeous iridescent blue yarn (Kollage Mirage) and thought it'd be beautiful paired with white.

The pattern produced a cowl that was about 34 inches around, but I find that length to be awkward, so I decided to make mine nearly 60 inches around so that it can be wrapped around twice. That way it'd actually be useful in the winter. The lace side and non-lace side are done separately and joined later, but I know better than to join and then wash / block. I just cannot trust that the blue yarn won't bleed onto the white, I've had far too many sad experiences with something like this. So I blocked them individually and washed all the extra dye out of the blue yarn before I joined.

I think it looks nice, I love how the blue peeks through the white lace. It is quite thick due to being crochet and being 2 layers joined together, but it'd be cozy in the winter.

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