Tuesday, July 26, 2016

National Quilt Museum ~ Paducah, KY

I was visiting in-laws this weekend, and we decided to hit Paducah for the National Quilt Museum. Photography of any kind wasn't allowed in the exhibits but I got a few pictures of the outside and lobby area.

We asked for the guided tour, and the first stop of the tour was a little conference room. The guide mentioned the famous wooden quilt, and I, having heard of this quilt, looked around but all I saw was a simple quilt hanging on a quilt rod. Then, the guide said that WAS the wooden quilt, and I did a double take and gasped. The quilt on a rod, that looked so real, was made of wood! It was incredible.

The exhibit was so amazing. The amount of work that goes into some of the intricate quilts was unbelievable, with so much beadwork and hand applique. I alao enjoyed the beautiful modern and abstract quilts, and they gave me a lot of ideas for how I can incorporate that kind of look into my own quilts. I wish I could have taken photos, but alas, the most I can say is, it's not so much a quilt museum, as an art museum (mostly of the contemporary variety) where textile is the medium. It is fabulous and definitely worth a visit, quilter or not. Some of my favorites included a Lord of the Rings inspired quilt that was mostly thread painting, a 3-D piece of textile installation on metal rods, and a quilt that had embedded little cellular phone chips on it. I was delighted to recognize 2 modern quilts by Jacquie Gehring in the Midwest exhibit.

After the exhibit, I wandered into the gift shop, and there was a whole room devoted to every quilting book I had ever wanted. Everything on my Amazon wish list was in this room, and I wish I could have spent hours here! However, I had brought my 4 year old along, and she was running out of patience, so we left before I could browse to my heart's content.

Now that my head is swimming with ideas, I'm just dying to go quilt.

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