Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Quilting Setup

I recently made some adjustments to my craft room to reflect what I foresee spending the most time doing in the near future ... quilting. I mapped out the floor plan and played around with a configuration until I found one that worked to gives me both the flatbed machine I want and ample space to the side and to the back. I also have room carved out for a Handi Quilter Sweet 16, if I wanted to get one in the near future. (The floor plan was created using the FloorPlan app for the iPad ... it's crashes a lot and the furniture selection is abysmally scant, but for mapping shapes and moving them around the room, it's great.)

I acquired this flatbed sewing table from Leah Day Designs. I've seen specialty quilter's sewing tables that had both an extension on the left as well as flatbed features, but it's much much more expensive than this setup I have. I moved my old sewing desk to the left of my station so that it both functioned as an extension during quilting and also a pressing surface. I replaced my old ironing board and made a custom pressing board the size of my table so that the desk multi-functions. I also got a cheap folding table and pushed it against the wall to add more space to spread out. Finally, I acquired a Jennoop quilting suspender frame to sit above my Pfaff.

I'm very excited about this setup. Having a flatbed sewing environment is great, and I'm happy to never have to see the Pfaff extension table again. I also really love this giant pressing surface, and it should make pressing yardage considerably easier. The only negative about the flatbed table is that I have to remove the plastic insert to change the bobbin, but that is a small price to pay.

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