Monday, June 13, 2016

My Favorite Quilting Bloggers

I collect quilt books, but my main source of inspiration is from quilting bloggers. My version of the morning papers is reading feedly and seeing what new projects and posts they've posted. Here are some of my favorites!

Stitchery Dickory Dock by Amy Gibson - Amy deserves a special mention on the list, because she was the first one who inspired me to quilt. Until I saw (and took) her classes on Craftsy, I associated quilts with old, antique, vintage, and other words that do not appeal to me. Through her, I learned that quilting can be very much now, all it takes is fresh fabrics, and I'm grateful!

Oh Fransson by Elizabeth Hartman - I own 2 of Elizabeth's books, and I just love reading them so much, especially Modern Patchwork. Her blog also radiates her sense of fun, color, and originality. Elizabeth's designs are possibly some of my favorites in the quilting world.

In Color Order by Jeni Baker - Jeni is a relative new find for me, but reading her blog just makes me smile. I love her fabric choices and her simple but gorgeous designs. Jeni's specialty is half-square triangles, she's even devoted an entire book to it.

Stitched in Color by Rachel Hauser - I've shed quite a few tears reading Rachel's blog, and it's because she's shared some very personal struggles on her blog, things that I cannot imagine going through myself with nearly as much grace. That aside, Rachel's quilts are more traditional than most of the bloggers I read, but I find it very beautiful and appealing, and it's proof that traditional doesn't have to look old.

Tallgrass Prairie Studio by Jacquie Gering - To me, Jacquie is one of the pioneers of modern quilting. Her designs are like modern art (in the nicest way), and if you see pictures of her apartment ... wow, I wish I can live there! Her style very much falls in line with an urban, minimalist, and improvisational feel, and the best part of it is, it's not nearly as hard as most of the traditional quilting out there is! On top of that, Jacquie is also extremely innovative with her walking foot quilting. Whoever thought the walking foot can make designs as beautiful and complex as hers?

Man Sewing by Rob Appell - Man sewing, the title says it all. Rob is one of the rare male stars in the quilting world, and his designs are also extremely modern, innovative, and interesting. He brings a different and fresh sense of style and color into the quilting world, and results in quilts that we can actually give to the men in our lives, not just the little boys!

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