Friday, June 24, 2016

A Dog On the Loom

I read about the expression, "A dog on the loom" in a weaving book, and at first I chuckled. I like dogs, and I couldn't help but picture an adorable puppy playing with yarn.

But it wasn't so funny anymore when I realized that I truly had a dog on the loom. My Spring Awakens scarf is definitely turning into one. In fact, the more I work on it the more I disliked it. I'm tempted to cut the project off the loom, throw it away, and never look at it again ... but I don't like that idea either, the yarn was so expensive. (To that note ... I've cancelled my yarn-of-the-month club for good and I'm never going to let someone else decide for me what color to get ever again.)

I had been treating this as a practice piece, trying some of the weaving techniques that I was learning, such as different combinations of leno and brooks bouquet, so it has a very open, lacey look. When I look at it, I try to think about what it is that I hated so much. Is it the texture? No, the texture feels nice, the smooth warp with the fuzzy weft. Is it the open look? No, I don't mind it, and I hope it'll close up a bit better after blocking anyway. Is it my weaving? No, I actually think I did a decent job with keeping the selvages nice and beating it even. What I truly hated about this scarf is the color.

Then I remembered that color is a relatively easy fix ... I can overdye it. There's potential yet in this scarf. However, this yarn is silk/bamboo warp with a cashmere / nylon weft, so I have no idea how well it would receive dye, but considering this dog of a project, an overdyeing experiment really can't make it worse.

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