Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Book Review: The Quilt Block Cookbook

As soon as I heard word that Amy Gibson had published another book, The Quilt Block Cookbook, I preordered mine on Amazon. I had enjoyed her previous book For Keeps immensely, and looked forward for months to receive this new book of hers.

I get lots of quilting patterns online, but the reason I buy and keep quilting books, even if they only have a few quilts that I want to make, is the experience and the presentation. Reading the introduction, seeing the layouts and the little blurbs that go with the quilts is what makes the experience for me. To this end, The Quilt Block Cookbook does a superb presentation.

This book is presented like a cookbook, which I also happen to love despite the fact that I don't cook, with all the analogies to cookbooks from ingredients, recipes, staples, and every block is presented with food and spices. The photography is great, it makes my mouth water to read this book, but it's a quilt book! There are 50 blocks in this quilt, and though some of them are very simple, some are rather complicated and are composed of many smaller "ingredients." All in all they look very approachable, yet are interesting due to the way Amy combines familiar elements.

My favorite part of the book, however, is when Amy presents 7 sampler quilts. These aren't your traditional sampler quilt layed out in a grid with sashing, which I do love and respect as well, but new and modern layouts for sampler blocks. I found these layouts innovative, and can actually see myself making quilts with sampler blocks to outfit my bedroom.

This is a beautiful book that is delightful to the eyes, and it makes me hungry for chocolate, for some reason.

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