Monday, May 23, 2016

Sew Sampler May 2016

I finally got my Sew Sampler May box today, and it was a little bit of an ordeal, as I got the classic "Delivered in Mailbox" on tracking on Saturday, but there was no package anywhere. My guess is they put it in the wrong mailbox. After a phone call to the post office and some (im)patient waiting, I found it in the mailbox today. Whether the postman fetched it from a different mailbox and put it in mine, or a neighbor put it there, I have no idea. But I was so excited to receive this!

Items I got:

Two Cozy Christmas 5" Stackers by Lori Holt - There's 54 squares total of a holiday print. The print is quite cute, though only suitable for children. It's a little odd to receive a holiday print this time of the year, but I guess people start making their holiday projects early, eh? I've been meaning to make an advent calendar for the kiddos anyway ... this will do nicely.

Sew Easy Tweezers - I already own a pair of machine tweezers, that was highly rated on Amazon ... and I really don't like them. So I hope these will work better!

Bobbini Universal Bobbin Holder - I've never seen or heard of these before. They're definitely very interesting, I have a bobbin case, but these allow you to group the bobbin with the spool it came from.

Aurifil Thread - 2 little spools of Aurifil Thread ... I'd call this a sampler size, the colors are nice and neutral.

Cozy Holiday Tablerunner Pattern - This pattern is quite cute, and of course is very much holiday themed.

Cute Little Bottons by Lori Holt - This is a bonus item. A little pack of 30 buttons. I don't have much use for buttons, but I can see using them as embellishments on say ... the aforementioned advent calendar I'm planning.

Just looking at this box, the advent calendar project is starting to brew in my head. I can see the charm pack and the buttons going very nicely with it. Though I wouldn't have picked the fabric in this box normally, I'm happy to have it, and that's what a surprise box is all about.

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