Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Waves Runner

As my first quilt-as-you-go (or rather piece-as-you-go) project, I decided to do something really, really simple and straightforward. I wanted to make a temporary table runner while my kimono runner is being redone into a quilt, and I decided to use a pack of gradient batiks I bought at the Quilt Fest.

Piecing this project was incredibly easy. By far the easiest project I've ever done in quilting, as there were absolutely no seams to match, no quarter-inch seams to get carefully right, no careful pressing to make sure I don't stretch any edges, basically, it's near impossible to mess up. After the piecing was done, the project is technically all "quilted", but I was not satisfied. Since I chose a gradient batik, and at the darker ends, it just looks like a big slab of color, I really couldn't see the seams and hence couldn't appreciate the texture. I had to add surface quilting to give it some visual interest.

I decided to do a wavy design. I first tried to free-motion it, but it was a disaster, so I switched to the walking foot, and was able to do the exact design I had in mind with it. It turned out better than I expected!

I really love this piece now, and no longer think of it as purely temporary. It works with my dining room very well.

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