Mondrian is ... you guessed it, a generated pattern for a Mondrian-style quilt! I love Piet Mondrian's beautiful and interesting compositions, and given the (seemingly) random nature of the compositions, it's just perfect for a generated quilt pattern. The bonus ... you don't have to stick with the primary colors. Use as many colors as you want, and make it really crazy!

1: Choose the finished size of your quilt.


2: Choose up to 10 foreground colors.

3: Choose the border color.

4: Choose background color.

5: Choose your complexity. 0 means very simple (big squares, few blocks) and 100 means more complicated.

6: Choose how colorful. 0 means all background, and 100 means all foreground color.

7: Click to generate your quilt as many times as you like. Once you see a layout you like, click to save it.


  1. This is awesome! I once made a Mondrian inspired improv apron for my son's art teacher ( but this is so much better!


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