Friday, February 15, 2019


In the summer of 2017 there was a solar eclipse that crossed large swaths of US, and my husband’s parents happen to live in an area where there were several minutes of totality. So we drove down, armed with eclipse glasses, to see this amazing sight.

To commemorate this experience, I decided to do it the only way I know ... by buying fabric and making a quilt. I went to Spoonflower and picked out a bunch of sun and star themed fabrics from a lot of different artists. Spoonflower, though expensive, is amazing for finding completely unique fabrics, and I figured this occasion is a great excuse.

I paired the fabric up with Amy Smart's Chain Links pattern. I had made the a quilt Phases of the Moon using that pattern a long time ago (incidentally, also with a Spoonflower bundle). It is such a great pattern for showing off prints.

I quilted the background with simple swirls. No pebbles, no paisleys, no leaves, I just wanted pure, simple swirls to add an elegant look to the space. There's no doubt about it, that swirls are my favorite filler, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of them.

I quilted the black frames with a combination of ribbon candies and straight lines, which are my other favorite designs next to swirls. Instead of using a black on black though, I opted for a thread color that shows in the form of a gray. I usually match my thread color to the fabric, but black is an exception.

Inside the printed squares, I quilted dot-to-dot designs, alternating between a straight line design and a flower design.

I think this is one of my favorite finishes. Everything about this quilt speaks to me, from the pattern, to the fabrics, to the theme, to the quilting.


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  1. The Spoonflower prints are perfect to commemorate such a cool event. My husband and I went to visit my parents who also happened to be under totality for a long duration; what an incredible few minutes!

  2. Love your quilt... so much to see. Weird prints make it perfect. Good choices.

  3. I love it. perfect fabric and the perfect pattern

  4. What a great way to commemorate the solar eclipse. The fabrics are so unique and cool!

  5. What a great quilt with the bold use of black and white. I have been looking for ideas to use some Australian prints and some African prints. This is an idea I will "save and savor."

  6. Oh, Liz! I love every single quilt you make and your quilting, too! What a great way to commemorate that eclipse.

  7. What a wonderful way to commemorate the eclipse. I love the prints paired with the black and white background colors.

  8. Those fabrics paired with that pattern and your beautiful quilting made for a lovely quilt!

  9. I love this quilt!


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