Friday, February 1, 2019

Minikins: Metro Double-Zip Pouch

In January, I decided to participate in the Minikins challenge run by Sew Sweetness. Last year I made a few minikins (and they turned out really well) at my own pace, but since the January challenge is the Metro Double-Zip Pouch, something I'd been wanting to make anyway, I decided to do it in time for the challenge.

And can I just say, yowza. That was really, really hard. But it wasn't the zippers that gave me trouble. Or the hardware. Or even thick layers this time. No. It was the fact that there were parts of this bag that required a super narrow foot (like a zipper foot) and mine wasn't working well. In the end, I had to hand-sew some of it.

I love the finished result, though. I used a canvas fabric which gave the pouch a nice texture, and found a light teal print for the lining that matched the exterior well. I love the double zippers and the wristlet, and how lucky that I found 2 zippers in my collection that matched the color of the fabric perfectly?

And then ... the next day I went online to find a new zipper foot for my machine, and discovered that I had been putting it on backwards all along, and that's why it didn't work! Oops.


  1. Well even if it was a little frustrating to put together, this turned out absolutely adorable!

  2. I love your honesty re foot! Made me laugh & feel 'normal' (whatever that might be!!) … I've done so many similar things! Cute pouch, going to try that next!!

  3. But hey, you learned something new and your little bag looks great! Love the fabrics!

  4. Lovely little pouch! Amazing that you were able to finish it with a backwards zipper foot! Does that make it a pizzer foot? Rippez? :)

  5. I'm glad you discovered why the foot wasn't working. The bag looks fantastic and the zippers are perfectly coordinated.


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