Friday, December 7, 2018

Minikins: Desktop Cubes

Several months ago I was in Walmart with my husband and sister-in-law and I saw a little black / gold fat quarter bundle that I was immediately attracted to. But then the snob inside me came out and said, "Walmart fabric? Really?" But they were so pretty and shiny ... and pretty cheap, that I couldn't pass them up.

When I was auditioning fabrics for making a trio of nesting Desktop Cubes from Sew Sweetness's Minikins collection, these immediately started screaming, "Use me! Use me!"

I made 3 of the cubes, one in each size, because I figured making 3 is about as much work as making 1. Well ... that wasn't entirely true, but once the cutting (the worst part ...) was done, the rest of the steps I did in an assembly line style, and pretty soon I had a set of nesting cubes.

Well, I really love them. Black and gold is one of my absolute favorite color combinations, and I think these are just so glitzy and glamorous looking. This is my 3rd Minikin, and so far I've been incredibly happy with all my Minikin projects. Previously I made a laptop bag and a vinyl pouch, and I use them pretty much every day. I'm sure these will get tons of use, too!


  1. Cute, Liz!!! I would've never guessed they're made from Walmart fabric. Desktop Cubes is a favorite pattern of mine. Yours are chic and modern!

  2. Thanks for showing this - I've never made cubes and, frankly, never thought I would. But seeing yours makes me want to! Usually they look too cutesy or silly to me, but the fabric you used makes yours a whole different level!


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