Friday, October 5, 2018

Heart Builders: My Farewell Quilts

Last week I had the pleasure of quilting 4 quilts for Heart Builders, a charity run by Cotton Cuts. As a longarmer for Heart Builders, I just have to receive the quilt tops pieced lovingly by other members, request materials, and get to work.

First, I received a lovely top pieced by Jan Snyder. I quilted it with swirls because well ... texture, speed, and beauty!

Also, I received 3 quilt tops from Jan Ochterbeck. The first top is a triangle design, and her points are just perfect! I quilted this with a combination design with swirls, feathers, and paisleys ... in larger scale, of course. This is supposed to be a cuddly quilt, after all!

For the next quilt, I used a paisley design. I'm not sure what this pattern is called, but some sort of delectable mountain?

For the final quilt, another triangle pattern, I actually tried a design I've never done before ... loops. After I used this design, I can see it's they're popular. It's so FAST!

And because I love quilt stacks, here's a picture of them all stacked up before I send them off!

After 2 years with Heart Builders, I've made the decision to leave. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed my experience there, but I've recently reduced my quilting time in order to pursue other passions of mine that I neglected while I ate and breathed quilting. I do plan to quilt every day still, but I also want to squeeze in other things, as well!


  1. These are all great quilts and the quilting is great too! Yay for charity quilts!

  2. Beautiful quilting on these four quilts and what beautiful gifts they will be . I took this year off from making charity quilts and plan to resume next year. I understand the need for breaks. You served Heart Builders very well for the past two years.

  3. What lovely quilts, and you did a fantastic job on the quilting, Liz. I think it's wise to assess commitments and take breaks now and then. I agree with Rose, you have served them well these past two years!

  4. I completely understand needing to re-prioritize your time. Working with Heart Builders for 2 years seems like a wonderful and generous gift of your talents. Oh, and I love getting to see how you quilted Jan's quilts!

  5. So wonderful that you were able to give them two years. It is always hard to say goodbye to some of these things, but we have to do what we need to and love what we are doing.

  6. What a great and kind jester to be able to do this quilting for 2 years. I am sure that every quilt you did is being enjoyed in their new homes! Thanks for all you did and looking forward to watching your next adventures.

  7. Lovely quilting on all the quilts. Good luck with your new projects. You have done well for Heart Builders and you always have the option to return if circumstances change I’m sure.


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