Friday, October 12, 2018

#100Days100Blocks2018: Cityscape

Cityscape is the 2nd of my #100Days100Blocks2018 quilt tops, using the Skyline layout. I've always had a thing for skylines, so naturally I was very attracted to this layout.

While I love black and white and gray and would have no problem making a quilt with just those colors, I absolutely love the pops of neon in this quilt. I had just enough for one "colored" floor for each building, so I placed it in the floor below the penthouse unit for each building.

I ended up using all but 2 of the blocks I sewed for this top. I had to grit my teeth a bit through the assembly process because it really wasn't very fun. But ... assembly rarely is!

I now have two beautiful tops from the #100Days100Blocks2018 challenge. I'm not sure which one I love more, Trellis, or this one!


  1. While I really like this quilt, and love the colour pops which add a new dimension to the quilt, I think Trellis is my favourite of the two. Strange because I started making blocks to make this design last year (no I haven’t done enough blocks yet I started it as a monthly sewing group project) as this is the design which appeals to me most. I’m so fickle :-).

  2. I'm enjoying looking at both of your quilts, Liz. I didn't get a comment in on Trellis, but I love it with its bold color and black and white. This one is so cool with the idea of a skyline. The neon pops of color are really fun and very clever as the penthouses. Great finishes, both!

  3. This is a knockout. Love the spark of color on the floor below the penthouse - what a great idea! Assembly is never fun - but I have learned a trick or two over the years which makes it simpler. Let me know what bugged you (when you have a chance), I'll see if I have any suggestions.

  4. WOW for both this quilt and Trellis and don't know which one I like better or if that should even be asked since both took a lot of skill and patience to make and each has it's own personality. I just can't wait to see them both quilted and see how you treat each one. I'll probably since won't be able to decide. Great job on both of these quilts and it really shows your commitment to the project.

  5. The pops of color are real treats. Congratulations on having both quilt tops assembled!

  6. Both of your quilts are beautiful. I enjoy seeing what you make and the quilting you do.


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