Friday, June 9, 2017

This Way Up ~ Ready to Quilt

After finishing a foundation paper piecing top recently, I really wanted to do another. I saw Bijou Lovely's Woodcut pattern while browsing on Pinterest, and it captured my attention immediately. I knew I had to make it!

The fabric collection I'm using is a subset of Spectrum by V and Co., a lovely collection of ombres and geometric prints in a rainbow of colors.

As usual, I take my time to pre-perforate the paper pieces using a needle without thread, and a 1.0 stitch length. This part admittedly takes a long time, and it makes me slightly cross-eyed by the end, but I consider it a good investment to future paper piecing enjoyment. Here are a few benefits to pre-perforating:

1) I can use plain old copy paper, which is cheaper than foundation paper piecing paper. With pre-perforating, it's very easy to remove it later.
2) Folding on the perforated line is accurate and easy.
3) I can use a longer stitch length, such as 2.0 when I sew the fabric, which is much easier to unpick if I need to. (And in foundation paper piecing, I frequently do need to unpick!)

Piecing each block takes a long time as there are so many pieces. But it's worth it! Aren't these blocks adorable?

Assembling this quilt was quite interesting because the blocks are on point, which I've never done before. My only concern is that the edges of the quilt are all bias, so I really need to be careful to not stretch it before I quilt it (or while quilting it). I have a pretty poor track record of not stretching bias edges, unfortunately.

And ... it's ready to quilt!


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  1. Liz, this is beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose and am looking forward to how you quilt this piece.

  2. Beautiful and so you, can wait to see your amazing quilting. Great tip about foundation piecing, I just finished a project with it and I do like it for the accuracy.

  3. Gorgeous quilt and looking forward to the quilting. You could do a basting stitch all the way around on your domestic machine to help with the stretching, and a little starch. Good luck.

  4. This is beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose and the pattern. I've also had issues with bias edges and I appreciate reading the comments by Kathleen. I will look forward to seeing what you do with the quilting as well.

  5. Everything is beautiful - from the fabrics to the pattern! Thank you for the tip about pre-perforation! I haven't started foundation paper piecing, but read a lot about it. Thank you for sharing!


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