Monday, June 26, 2017

QuiltCon Registration Day

Last night, I had multiple dreams, and every single one of them involved QuiltCon's registration. In my dreams, I'd speed through the registration site and get my top picks. This is my first time registering for QuiltCon, and I was really nervous. I had heard stories that in the past, the site would crash due to too much traffic, or that it's nearly impossible to get all your top workshop choices because there's so many people for so few spots.

I'm nothing if not good at planning, though. I had it all ready ... my credit card number on my clipboard, all the course codes of the courses I wanted to take and backup options on a piece of paper, and a slew of keyboard shortcuts to help me move through the registration process as quickly as possible. If this didn't get me at least some of my top choices, then I really don't know what else I can do!

This morning, I watched the computer clock tick from 8:59:59 to 9:00:00, and clicked on the registration link. And ...

Error. This event is not available for registration. Contact event planner.

Say what?

I figured it was a mistake, or maybe my clock wasn't in sync. I tried again, and again. The same. I finally posted a message on Facebook, and soon found that nobody could register! It took about 15 minutes, before I was able to finally register. I must have gotten really lucky, because I was one of the first ones to get into the system ... and got all my workshop picks.

So, barring no unforeseen circumstances ...

I'm beyond excited! Among the workshops I registered for, I have 3 with Angela Walters!


  1. I am so happy and thrilled for you--three classes with Angela!

  2. So glad you got in to your classes! I hadn't really watched any Angela Walters videos until lately, and I think you will learn a lot!

  3. yay!!! I'll see you there at Quiltcon! I'm going as well :D


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